Love at First Click release

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Love at First Click


Jessica Caryn

Release Date: February 10th

Cover Artist: AM Creations

Genre: Erotic Romance

Hosted By: Chance Promotions


#99Cents #OneClick #FreeOnKU



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I told Gwen I’ll introduce myself but I wouldn’t agree to another date. She
promised it was only coffee but I heard the hint of amusement in her voice
before she ended the call. I was glad she picked my favorite bistro as the
place to meet up. I realized I didn’t know what Damon looked like. I was so
focused on it not being a date, I didn’t ask. I texted Gwen as I went to
the counter. I bumped someone and the heat seared my skin. He asked if I
was alright but I couldn’t respond because the hot liquid hit the delicate
skin under my silk top. The shock took a few seconds to wear off. He
reached for linen napkins. I rushed out of the bistro…


Merissa didn’t know the handsome guy that followed her out to the parking
lot. She was too embarrassed to speak with him. The coffee accident in the
bistro made Merissa realize she hadn’t been social after her terrible
break-up. She logged into a social website and fixed her profile with
Gwen’s help. They read the flirts and messages. Merissa didn’t like any of
them. She used an advanced search and minutes later she found Articulate
Scholar 569. All it took was one click. Merissa was fascinated with the man
online. She had a crush on the handsome guy from the bistro. What will
happen when she realizes Damon is her real life crush? Will it affect her
online attraction to Articulate Scholar 569?


*This book is Adult fiction and contains sexual content.*


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