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Teaser one

Booker’s Song

Conwyn walked over to Halen, his dragon. Every time he looked at her, he was stunned by her beauty. She truly was a magnificent beast. Her green tones were stunning in moonlight or the sunshine from the twin suns. Her scales were rich vibrant greens on her belly, darkening over her sides and spine, where they were a deep green like the Avaryn forest. Her golden eyes shone with a wisdom no one other than a dragon could match. Spikes ran the length of her tail, which ended in a lethal point. She was a fire breather, one of only two working for them. Ice breathers were far more common.

“Halen.” He gently scratched behind her ears when she dipped her head in front of him. Her deep, rumbling purr vibrated along his arm. “How’s my gorgeous lady then, hmm? The only lady I could ever love.” He kissed her snout gently, ignoring the contented curl of smoke drifting lazily up from one nostril. “You ready to go for a ride? It’ll be a nice long one. I need to take this agreement over to the Scarin, get it signed and then come back.” A chuckle escaped him as her wings started to spread out as though she wanted to leave immediately.

“Not here. You know we’ll get in trouble if you break another stall wall again. Golas hasn’t forgiven us for the last time you broke one.” He shook his head when she dipped her head and looked at him, peeking past her eye scales.

“Don’t look at me like that, Halen. You know I’m a sucker for the faces you pull.”

Halen leaned the tip of her snout against his chest and looked up at him.

Con rolled his eyes at her antics. “Come on, let’s get you outside, so at least we’re ready.” He ignored the way her feet seemed to dance their way out of her stall as he grabbed his riding harness from its peg on the wall.

Aldren smirked as he watched the interaction between them. “She really does have you wrapped around her tail. You’re totally not the big bad Squad Leader when it comes to Halen, are you?”

Conwyn rolled his eyes. “Berrin agrees with me it’s all about our ladies.” He laughed as Aldren shook his head. “Like you’re any better with Grith. Admit it, we’re all suckers for the dragons in our lives.”

“Hey, speak for yourselves. Some of us are all about the men we have. Isn’t that right, Aldren?” Tillan, the last member of their four-man unit turned around the corner, leading Qualish, his dragon. Qualish was a brilliant white with silver scale tips and green eyes.

Grith let out a curl of mist from his nose, and Aldren, who seemed to know what was coming, took a step back. Grith belched, and promptly froze a pile of blankets propped up against the wall.

“Grith! How many times have I told you to direct your ice somewhere safe?” Con scowled at the young ice dragon.

Grith’s head dropped and he peeked up at Conwyn from behind his silver eye ridge.

Conwyn chuckled as he burrowed his head behind Aldren’s back. “Grith, come here.” Con called the dragon, laughing as he peeked around Aldren. “Catch!”

A piece of roasted boar flew through the air and Grith hastily caught it, munched away, and crept up to Con, nuzzling him. Grith seemed to forget his own strength, as he often did, sending Con flat onto his ass.

Con opened his mouth before shutting it. Far better to quit while he was behind. Grith was young, playful and eager to please. The whole unit found it impossible to tell him off. Oh, they teased him— Grith was the baby of the bunch— but he was almost too adorably eager to please the unit for them to chastise him. Conwyn tugged on one of Grith’s ears and scratched behind it. Accepting Tillan’s hand, he clambered up. “Right, you lot, out you go. Go race around for a few minutes, but don’t wear yourselves out. We have a long journey!” His voice rose at the end, the dragons already jostling past one of the other teams, determined to get outside to play.

“I swear, they’re like big babies at times.” Con dusted the loose straw off his ass.

“So, are you the mam or the pap in this scenario?” Tillan called out as he ran along the length of the stables, out of the firing line.

Con waited a split second before chasing after him.


Booker’s Song

Available on KU


Rillian Mascini is one of the most knowledgeable mages in the world. Spending his days and sometimes nights with his nose in a book has taught him magic and histories that few care to remember. He has a passion for dragons that pulls him to learn all he can about them, including their language. He is one of the last people left alive who can speak to the magnificent beasts.

Conwyn D’Aver is squad leader of the Dragon Riders. He will do whatever it takes to protect the dragons and people he has given his oath to serve. Nothing is more important, and when Neela, his personal dragon, is attacked, Conwyn is out for blood. He vows to find the threat and defeat it. 

When an old spell book is found that gives a person the power to control all dragons, Conwyn will do anything he can to keep it from getting into the wrong hands, even if that means teaming up with the bookish Rillian to find a way to overcome the evil enemies who seek to gain the power.

Together with the dragons, the two men must find a way to protect everything they both love, but while doing so, they risk losing their own hearts to each other. As their enemies seek to destroy them, they learn that sometimes it takes love and trust to defeat the things we fear the most.






Not read the Avanti? This is where it all starts.

Corin’s Chance

All the Avanti are available on KU


Posted to some stars awful cruiser, Dr. Corin Talovich hoped to serve his time quietly and get on with his life, but fate stepped in and decided otherwise.

Crashing into an unknown planet was the last thing Corin expected. With only his friend, Lieutenant Commander Tate Riven, by his side, they face the unexplored world and new enemies bravely, leading them to the Derin Clan, where they’re welcomed by the leader’s son.

Kel isn’t sure about the strange men, but he isn’t about to send them away, especially when the bond between Corin and himself is something he can’t ignore.

When another clan wages an attack, Kel is forced to make some hard choices which nearly costs him everything he holds dear. Together, with their allies, Corin and Kel fight, focusing on the future they desire, knowing failure not only dooms their love, but also those around them. Side by side, they work to destroy the evil threatening to keep them apart and becoming the family both men desire.


May your journey be swift and uneventful, may you all get one step closer to your truemates and may good triumph over evil. Remember love conquers all.

Avanti Corin's Chance E-Book Cover

Demons Don’t Dream

Demonic Tales book one

Available on KU


Being the Terran ambassador assigned to Kenistal, the Demon home world, is not a particularly easy posting. Caris Dealyn wants nothing more than to get this assignment done so he can continue searching for his missing Avanti friends. But first, he needs to solve the mystery surrounding the last ambassador’s disappearance, while navigating the Demon court with all its whisperings of plots and betrayals. It’s not such a bad job, if he could keep his attention on work and not on the prince who seems to distract him just by being near.

Prince Dasalin Kan’erkit is busy running the kingdom in his father’s absence, but not so busy he doesn’t notice the new Ambassador. Caris gets under his skin like no one else before, which is quite a feat considering Dasa’s demonically tough scales.

The attraction between them is undeniable, and when events throw them together, sparks fly. They can’t get enough of each other. But there are forces at work that wish to keep them apart. In a fight for their survival, the two must figure out which demonic faction is behind the plot and protect not only themselves, but the people they have both vowed to serve.

Demons Don’t Dream E-Book Cover

******NEW RELEASE 9/2/16******

Mission Most Mysterious

An Avanti Chronicles short

The Avanti are bored.

On a rare and treasured break from all the chaos, Bray decides to embark on a mission most mysterious. Tate has always been known for the practical jokes he plays on his teammates and friends. It’s time for some revenge. This time, the tables are turned and Tate doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.

Faced with confronting his worst fears, Tate struggles to make sense of the odd happenings around him. He swears not only are there ghosts in the palace, but they are out to get him.

Revenge is sweet, but the Avanti know that if Tate figures out what they are up to, there will be hell to pay. Still, watching him get a taste of his own medicine makes the risks worthwhile.

With his sanity on the line, Tate battles with everything in him to combat Bray’s mission most mysterious.

Mission Most Mysterious E-Book Cover

Teaser two


Mission Most Mysterious, an Avanti Chronicles short.


“Ree…” Tate stage-whispered. “Why are the guards looking at us funny?”

Dariux looked from the guards on duty back to Tate at his side. “You’re imagining it, T.”

“I’m not.” Tate walked up to Frelix, one of the guards on duty, smirking when he swallowed noisily. “Why are you looking at me strangely?”

“I’m not, Tate, I swear, I just don’t want to face you in the ring. I was in agony after our last sparring session. I just want a break.” Frelix’s gaze shot to Mortin who was on duty with him, scowling at the quiet snigger he heard. His eyes flicked briefly to Mortin’s fist as it gently rapped on the door behind them, letting those inside know Tate was there.

“Hmm.” Tate stared both members of the royal guard down. “Maybe I’ll let you off, just this once. Besides, I’m in too good a mood to challenge you to the ring. It’s time I got a cuddle with my niece and nephew.” Tate winked and pushed the door to Kastain’s suite open. “Where are my beautiful little ones?” He looked around the room, gaze zeroing in on Perin in Hunter’s arms. “No fair, you beat me to it.”

Hunter raised a brow. “Maybe if it didn’t take you so long to… shower, then you would have beaten me to it.”

Tate shrugged. “It was worth it.” He ignored Dariux’s slightly rosy cheeks and sat down next to Hunter, running a gentle hand over Perin’s head. “Did you miss your Uncle Tate, buddy? I bet you did.”

Perin turned over lazily and batted at Tate’s hand, making him laugh. He pulled his hand away as Dariux passed him a javrin, taking a long swallow before looking around the room at everyone gathered. “Please tell me nothing has happened?”

Tir shook his head. “Nope, everything is still peaceful for once.”

Tate blew out a breath. “Good. I just want to spend some quiet time with my family for once. I don’t need to puzzle out some mystery, fight some unseen enemy.”

Dax shared a look with Bray. Oh, Tate had no idea what he was in for.

Kastain shook his head. “I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but, Tate, you’re getting your wish. I’m letting you loose on the Conclave tonight. There’s a dinner for all those in attendance of the castle. You will be there. Try not to start an all-out war, hey?”

“Yes!” Tate pumped his fist in the air. “It’s time those chieftains and lairds have their world shaken up a bit.”

Dax’s chin dropped to his chest as he shook his head, staring at his mate incredulously. “Why? Why do you do this to me? I’m going to spend all night bailing him out. I just know it.”

Kastain patted Dax gently on the thigh. “I’ll make it up to you.”

“You’d better.” Dax gently cuffed Hunter on the back of his head, mindful of Perin still in his arms. “I don’t know why you’re laughing. You’re going to be keeping an eye on him as well.”

Hunter huffed. “Damn. Fine. But I better get more cuddles with these guys afterwards to make up for it.”

Bell took in all of his friends and smiled. “Are we actually going to get to spend time with our own cubs, or are you guys going to monopolize them the whole time?”  Several sets of eyes just stared him down as if saying ‘duh’. Bell laughed. It felt good to be here among friends.



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