Interview with KARINA KANTAS

1) What in your life influenced you to be a writer?

It was the author S.E.Hinton who influenced me. I loved and still love her series of YA novellas. They are about tough guys who don’t fit in society and yet they finds brothers that would give their lives to save another.

2) Why did you choose the genre that you write in?
 I love anything to do with bikes, bikers and their carefree attitude. I’ve been around them since I was young and I have a passion for the lifestyle. So MC thrillers was a perfect genre for me. I have published in most genres though.
3) Do you like to listen to music or the tv in the background or do you prefer silence when you write?
  I always listen to Iron Maiden or my rock collection when I write. It helps me he in to the “Zone.” I could be working on a sc fi or comedy and I would still be listening to rock music.
4) Do you have a special place you go to write?
I love sitting outside a small cafe in my village and watch the people passing by. I sit sipping my fredochino while listening to my mp3. Here I can escape the personal worries and not think about home. Here I’m slowed to relax and work peacefully in a quiet beautiful setting
5) How do you come up with the different twists to your stories?
There are no twists in my novels just STRAIGHT story telling. Now my flash fiction is another matter. I love making my readers gasp and think no she didn’t. There are plenty of twisty endings in the collection Heads & Tales.
6) Can you share something extra with us that you want the viewers to know?
Like the fan page, leave a comment under a post and I will send you the e-book of my second collection Undressed.
Also, you can buy any of my e-books from me, payment made though PayPal, at a low low cost
7) Is there a certain mind frame you have to be in to write?
Yes, I have to be in the “Zone”That is when the characters keep me awake and the plots and scenes fill my head. No matter what the time is, I have to write. Then I sleep through the day and dream of situation and conflicts . Everything is forgotten until I get it all out of my head. My family know when I’m in the “Zone” and leave me be.
8) What or who is your inspiration or muse?
Life inspires me . To meet interesting people and hear their stories. See new place and make memories all help stage my stories
9) Which character of yours is your favorite and which one do you relate to the most?
Billy/Belinda the main character from Stone Cold goes through many of my own experiences so I can relate to her the most.
Cass/Ice from Lawless Justice is a tough cookie (I’m being polite) I love her attitudes . I would never be able to stick up for myself like she does. I’m too nice to fight and be a bully. However, I guess Ice is my ego.

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