Lucian Bane Interview!!

1) what in your life influenced you to be a writer?


I think my mother. She was artistic and encouraged me as well. It was an easy direction for me because it was in the opposite direction my father wanted me to take, lol. Rebellious from an early age, yes.


2) why did you choose the genre that you write in?


I had a mission to show the world what a real Dom should look like. A real man. I was seeing a wicked trend in that area that I wanted to disrupt.


3) do you like to listen to music or the tv in the background or do you prefer silence when you write?


It depends on what stage of writing. When I’m plotting, no. When I’m in the zone in the charactes, yes, very much.


4) do you have a special place you go to write?


Not really, I write at my giant glass desk, lol, from my ergonomics chair.


5) how do you come up with the different twists to your stories?


Good question. I honestly don’t know how. I just know I hate doing things like everybody else and I guess that sparks those twists.


6) can you share something extra with us that you want the viewers to know?


I took an essential oils class because I plan to incorporate it into my profession. I firmly believe in them and would love to teach couples how to use them, especially in the bedroom.


7) which authors have inspired you with their writing and how?


Definitely Stephen King. The way his stories carry his stories more than his writing does. Just simple brilliance with the


8) how do you come up with your characters?


My characters are usually born straight from my storyline. I see the story usually and the character that will play the part rises out of that. I probably have had characters come to me and i have found places in stories for them but that is usually how they come–straight from the storyline and theme. They select them and birth them.


9) is there a certain mind frame you have to be in to write?


I have learned to discipline my mind to conform to the demands of writing professionally and on a timeline. I hear a lot of writers talk about writer’s block and really, I don’t have time for it, nor can I afford it, lol. Writing is not just an art for me, it’s a discipline. While I do allow my passions to run wild when I write, I don’t let them run my schedule. Now plot and storyline can be stubborn sometimes and make me sweat, but I always manage to win lol.

10) what or who is your inspiration or muse?

Definitely my wife. I write so that I can eventually keep her home (which I have achieved) The other muse I guess would be God. I do have a mission in fiction to help all couples find sexual healing so that their marriages and families can be stronger.


11) who is your favorite author?


Def Stephen King


12) which character of yours is your favorite and which one do you relate to the most?


I would have to say my favorite character is Jeramiah Poe from my Fantasy Arks of Octava. He was so much fun to write and I loved his character. As far as the character that I can relate to the most, that would be Lucian from Dom Wars, lol. Since it’s written after me

mercy yummy


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