Blog Tour: Unexpected Changes by A.M. Willard (Teasers!)

A.M. Willard!


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Unexpected Changes Cover

Title: Unexpected CHanges (Chances #2)
Author: A.M. Willard
Genre: Romance
Purchase Link: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (AU) | Amazon (CA)

In this Mature Contemporary Romance novel, A.M. Willard brings you the first installment of the Chances Series.

We introduce you to Tabitha Michaelson, the fun loving, sassy girl who loves anything that sparkles. What you might not know is; she took an oath years ago with her brother Seth, vowing to lock their hearts and throw away the key. Years have been spent as she kept up the happy façade and not letting anyone get close enough for love.

It’s not until that chance meeting when Tabitha meets her match Carter Northwood.

Here’s a man that’s life has been filled with lies, threats, and tangled webs of disaster. Carter knows that if he takes this chance at true love, the world around him…

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