His new release in the series is packed with suspense and has some really hot scenes that leave you aching for more!!

Stolen Treasure — Trouble In Paradise

Mission accomplished: Arden Goodman/Gold went to England, where he bent the straight guy, claimed the Gold family name and his inheritance and saved the love of his life. For a while things seem to be going well for the lovers. However, nothing is forever–trouble is brewing in Paradise, and spirals upward toward an apex when Snow’s eighteen-year-old daughter is kidnapped. The friends’ emotions are heightened, hidden feelings bubble to the surface, and lives are turned upside down.

Bill Young, forever the peacemaker, wants out, but is unable to leave while chaos ensues, propelling everything out of control. He’s met someone new and wants to make a life for himself free of the pressure of having to take care of Arden and his problems. And why shouldn’t he? After all, Arden is married to someone else.

How could things have gone so wrong for the friends? Can they unite long enough to save the girl? Read the book and find out.


BOOK ONE: LOST GOLD is only 99 cents!!

Lost Gold— He’d Risk It All In Pursuit Of His Own Desires

Smart, alluring, pants-droppingly-handsome Arden Goodman, orphaned by his drug addict mother and never knew his father. Diagnosed as a high functioning sociopath in his teens, he worked as a male prostitute. Now at twenty five he’s the proud owner of a number of very successful spa and fitness resorts.

Bill Young, a strikingly good-looking young man, had been Arden’s business partner and lover for the last six years. An ex-prostitute who has devoted himself to Arden for the last ten years, enduring an on-off romantic relationship.

However, Arden’s and Bill’s relationship gets put to the test when Arden receives a call from England. A grandmother, he didn’t know he had, has left him a sizable inheritance. The caller was Miles Snow, whose voice so captivated Arden he was on the next flight to England. He intends to sate his sexual desires with the man on the other end of the phone line. The only obstacle being that Snow is straight. A fact Arden is determined to disregard.

Warning: Contains explicit m/m action. A lot of it. Extremely detailed. Two men getting it on, talking dirty and doing the horizontal mambo. Guy parts will touch. You’ve been warned.



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