James WF Roberts NEW RELEASE!

~~~~~~~NEW RELEASE ~~~~~~~~~

Sexy, edgy, beautifully written with masterful twists and turns”.
Vanessa de Largie Australian Actress and Author.


Dawn: Tuesday, 24th September
So, tell me my dear, have you ever wondered what a bullet tastes like? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stare down the barrel of the gun? That hot metal, that twisted feeling of arousal with the barrel in your mouth, the metal on your tongue, hovering, touching, cradled by your tongue; your teeth ever so slightly embracing the metal. The machinery of the revolver, the wheeled chamber just so tantalisingly, out of touch with the rest of your lips. Suicide is not a coward’s way out—taking the chance, staring down the barrel of a gun, making the decision to blow your fucking brains out, is the bravest thing you can do. Taking that first step before the fatal plunge, the most courageous step you can ever take. Ending all of it on your own terms; fuck convention in the arse with a hot metal spike, having the power of G-d in your fingertips. Just the squeeze of the finger, the complicated process from thought to action. All of the little muscles, the minuscule atoms of the body, of the soul all at work. The cocked hammer hits the arse of the bullet in the chamber—the chemical explosion, the chain reaction. The metal moving faster than light through the rifled barrel and then it’s all over.

Tuesday Suicide—the ultimate party drug has hit the streets of Melbourne. More euphoric than smack, more addictive than crystal meth—does Tuesday Suicide really turn you into a vengeful God, or is it all a drug induced psychosis? John Booker is dead! Or is he death? Fading late night TV star John Booker is bored to death with life. No drug, no sexual conquest, nothing fulfils him anymore. He wakes up one Friday with the clarity seldom found in the modern world… What would push you over the edge? What if you were losing your grip on sanity? What if you could travel through time, space and reality randomly without control? The first act of the Tuesday Suicide saga, Confessions sets up the narrative structure, sets up the motivations of John Booker and his only companion Helena Huntington-Dale—a dark angel of desire, lost, troubled, Heroin addict and the love of John’s life. As they embark on a drug fuelled violent and sexual frenzy through the streets of Melbourne on a quest for purity, justice and revenge. On the hunt for the leaders 7 a notorious ring, will revenge bring clarity and transcendence or will their blood lust know no end? Who can they trust? Will their obsession, their devotion to each other be their undoing? And will Helena learn the truth about her best friend and drug dealer Ursula before it is too late?


Tuesday Suicide: Confessions
John Booker is dead. Or is he death? Faded, washed up late night TV host, drug addict, sex fiend, John Booker is bored to death. He wakes up one morning believing he is the king of the dead. Drug induced psychosis? Or something much scarier? Is he really falling through different realities? Is he…

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