The Agent Relationship 101 – Guest Post by E.E. Cooper

Lisa Voisin

Today, EE Cooper, author of the upcoming YA thriller VANISHED, talks about the agent-author relationship. 


It is sometimes said that it’s harder to get an agent than it is to write a book. It certainly can feel that way in the query process.  When an agent finally indicates interest it’s to say yes without taking time to pause to determine if this particular agent is the best fit for you.  Is this the person you want as a business partner in your publishing career? It’s important to remember that the agent is not doing you a favor when they offer representation. They are signing you because they believe in your book and believe they can sell it. This is a mutually beneficial relationship.

First, it can be useful to review what an agent can do for you:

  • Submit your work. A good agent is seeking not simply to…

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